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Vichy Catalan


Probably the most recognised brand of water in Spain, Vichy Catalan have been bottling water since 1889. The area of Caldes de Malavella has been inhabited as far back as the Roman era and the surfacing of hot thermal water must have been a draw! With all that wine being drank its probably a good idea to have some bottles lying around...

It's been well over a century since Doctor Modest Furest y Roca opened the doors to this iconic Catalan sparkling water factory.

Vichy Catalan is somewhat of a cult brand in the world of mineral water. Through the ages the thermal spring just sixty miles northeast of Barcelona, has played host to Iberians, Romans and the Moors for centuries. Bottled in the small village of Caldes de Malavilla, Vichy Catalan has definitely cemented its place on the food map of the gastronomic elite.

Simply’s a big drink that makes you forget you're drinking water. Big and vibrant bubbles with a remarkable mineral content, this is water that isn't afraid to let you know its there. Easily cutting through the richest of foods, well balanced with fish and the perfect pick-me-up after a Double Espresso!

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A word with the producers

An interview with Vichy Catalan producers

Q. So for many of our readers who might not know you, who exactly are Vichy Catalan?

Vichy Catalan have become a legendary name across Spain and Europe, acquiring it's reputation because of our obsession with outstanding quality, genuine flavour and proven mineral and medicinal properties.

Q. It’s safe to say that Vichy Catalan has a rather unique taste. How would you personally describe it?

Effervescent , piquant and a bit salty. Most people describe it as having persistent bubbles, pleasant in the mouth and bursting with personality. 

Q. The process of capturing the water seems so remarkable, could you explain it in a little more detail?

This is mainly down to the personality of the famous Vichy Catalan Spring in Caldes de Malavella (Girona). This premium water spontaneously bubbles out of the ground at 60ºC degree, with its own natural carbonic gas. All springs are coming from the same aquifer but with slightly different mineral compositions. The source for Vichy Catalan has been capped and water and gas is collected separately. The water is allowed to cool and the gas is then re-injected just prior to bottling. 

Q. Health is an important issue at Vichy Catalan, what exactly has your research shown and how can Vichy Catalan improve people's lives?

According to the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), drinking Vichy Catalan carbonated mineral water, reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular illness. Regular consumption of this water reduces Cholesterol indexes by almost 10%. Other proven properties of Vichy Catalan are benefits to the digestive system due also to its bicarbonate content. 

Q. What foods pair well with the water?

Many greens, meat, fish and also the Spanish rice dish Paella. Infact very well known Spanish chefs use it for cooking such as Jose Maria Arzak, Pedro Subijana, Carles Gaig... 

Q. Might you be able to provide a short message for our readers/customers?

Vichy Catalan...try it! You'll feel better!