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La Payesa Mahon Curado

La Payesa Mahon Curado

posted on 8 May 2018 by admin

It's the close of the 40's in Alaior Mallorca & an ambitious young shopkeeper decides to extend the scope of his humble grocery store by sourcing local cheeses direct from farmers to age in his small patio (a former cowshed!) at the back of their family home.

Still hungry for success, he upscales and starts to produce cheese himself, sticking closely to all the associated traditional practices. 60 years on, La Payesa is now a 3rd generation family producer that produces one of the best examples of queso Mahon we have ever tried. 


Mahon, Menorca's most famous cheese takes its name from the island's port and is as versatile & tasty as they come. Hand-rubbed with olive oil, and aged 6-8 months, this tangy-sharp cow's cheese is right at home on any cheese board and seconds as an invaluable aid in the kitchen. For a simple tasty treat: sprinkle with a dash of black pepper, tarragon, olive oil and voila! Simple but oh so good.