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Hot chocolate, the Spanish way

Hot chocolate, the Spanish way

posted on 8 May 2018 by admin

Prepare your taste buds. Few things in life hit the spot quite like a dreamy cup of Spanish thick hot chocolate. Known throughout Spain as “Chocolate a la taza” it’s as satisfying as it gets.  Devilishly thick, rich & silky smooth, it lends themselves perfectly to dunking those ever so tasty, piping hot, crispy churros. After you’ve tried, there’s simply no going back!


You get great hot chocolate and then there is out of this world hot chocolate.  Introducing producers El Barco Delice. Over a century ago in a small village called Navatejares, situated on the northern slope of the Sierra de Gredos on the banks of the Tormes River,  Laureano Garcia Garcia diligently laid down the groundwork. His production garnered the producer quite a reputation, enough so that 100 years on they are considered one of the most esteemed producers working the area today.

So go on, treat yourself – we know you’ll love it!