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Formatges Muntanyola

Formatges Muntanyola

posted on 12 June 2018 by admin

If you look to  the astonishing slopes of the Montserrat Massif, you might spot Ca l'Urpina, a handsome farm home to Formatges Muntanyola, the award winning Catalonian producers behind our delicious goat’s milk Garrotxa queso.  

Many of you might have already tasted this Catalonian classic, with its unmistakable grayish-blue rind, ivory-coloured firm interior, and satisfying earthy flavour.  What many of you might not know is that this queso is the result of a social project in collaboration with the Ampans Foundations, that not only provides a home but also workplace for the disabled.


Part of a larger project, the land was donated by the Vila Isern family and also includes a vineyard, one of the principle aims is to not only continue growing but ensure new jobs in a superb working environment. “In the years to come, we expect to take on new production activities. All this without forgetting that, just like the farm that once was donated to us, the landscape and the earth, the fact that all that we breathe is not ours, it is for everyone and whoever we share it with, opening up the farm to all who would like to live the Urpina experience, or learn and be moulded by its values”

Superlative are not enough!